About The Owners

The Burlap Shack started from my imagination! I developed a fascination for neck-tie patterns and wanted to find a purpose for the many abandoned ties I was finding in area thrift stores. One night I twisted a neck tie onto a pencil in the shape of a rose and the rest is history! I started making the roses for widows in my church out of their husband's ties that they would give me. My rose creating quickly turned in to a full time venture, that i LOVE! I opened The Burlap Shack store front in March of 2014 and have never looked back. Throughout the 4 years that my store has been open, a lot has changed, but my passion for creating and my love for the neck tie rose has not waivered.

The Burlap Shack is filled with our very own creations and everything we love!  We enjoy giving new life to those things that have been rendered useless, like the old neck-ties.  Each stock neck-tie rose comes with a card with The Original Story of the Tie Rose attached to it, a story Jeannie wrote about getting a new chance at life! 

Jeannie and Jessie, are in the business of people and enjoy creating one of a kind pieces for our customers to share with their friends and loved ones. Come as a customer and leave as a friend. 

We hope to see you at The Shack soon!


Jeannie & Jessie

As a young mother and wife of 2, i always wanted to create a "homey" household. I stumbled across The Burlap Shack in 2015 and fell in Love with the store and the owner, Jeannie! My home quickly became full of things i purchased from The Shack. I always was a crafty gal and eventually started sharing ideas with Jeannie and seeking her insight in creating for my home. In April of 2017 i started working part time as a nurse and began creating more items including, coffee cups, tutus, hairbows, t shirts, and various wooden signs- sharing my ideas and work with Jeannie. Eventually, in June of 2017, Jeannie and I decided to join forces and here I am today!